The Psychology of Faith and Religion

I am concerned about bearing witness to a world submerged in mafias, oligarchies and nepotism without consideration for the proportion of misery caused to people. Personal experiences, lessons presented by teachers and common sense have enabled me to find power in faith. But this faith should be cleansed of its impurities. This cleansing process is what we call OIDA Therapy, which includes theoretical considerations coming from Perennial Psychology while approaching the study of faith as a belief that moves people towards their actions.

Here on earth, God is a reality who sustains all and manifests himself via the sun’s light and the earth’s generosity. Nobody should be deprived of, and much less, deprive others of the universal cosmology which connects us all as members sharing the power of love.  I am not a messenger of peace; I am simply a servant of peace trying to engage you in activating others. No peace can be achieved without peace activation amongst all, which naturally follows some basic covenants. OIDA Therapy supports this activation process and guides us to reach those covenants.

The ten commandments of the Bible are a beautiful example of basic covenants. There is little disagreement over them, however when we consider them in light of the historical changes that humanity has gone through, we see that the core values that they embody are of  maximum value in these times and in our search for justice and world peace.

We may come together and sign many peace agreements such as the ones we made in 2014 in Seoul Korea, or like many conflicting parties do at peace conventions. Nonetheless, only if we are prepared to abide by the latest peace agreements and enthuse others about embracing them, will there be hope for improvement.

We must realize that  peace is the best option for humanity and for our planet. However, we must also realize that for the arms industry, peace is as detrimental as healthfulness is for the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession, or as abstinence is for the drug and alcohol dealers. This conflict can only be resolved through individual conviction.

When we went to Rio + 20 in 2012, we were shocked to see the level of conceit throughout the entire event. They even denied the right of access to free drinking water for all people in the world. From that point on, the World Conscious Pact consolidated as an individual grassroots effort to share responsibility with fellow consumer brothers, rather than creating just another big NGO that could easily become co-opted by the capital of the very forces they wanted to oppose.

The formation of that World Conscious Pact, perfectly coincided with the invitation of the Guardians of Mother Earth-Ikwashendwna on September 2011 in Tejumake and collaborated for all practical efforts such as the Chaskifest organization and other web pages.