The World Epidemic of Egocentrism

The egocentric mentality was and continues to be almost all pervading. Those who invaded the world in the Middle Ages never experienced a change of heart. When their slaves got out of hand, they abolished slavery. When the colonies became too difficult to manage, they craftily manufactured a system of international dependency. The key to their designs was to keep control over education and make job availability strongly dependent on submission to a certain curriculum and framework of authority. In other words, the heads of governments, the church, the military, commerce, banking and all other institutions of power were carefully controlled by the oligarchies left behind when the foreign troops returned to Europe.

This educational system is based on materialistic concepts of exploitation of land, people and animals. Whatever the rich and powerful want to do, even at the cost of bringing suffering to others, is justified and executed sometimes in the name of progress, sometimes under the guise of secularism, and sometimes in the cloak of Christian superiority. Darwinism was employed to impose the concept of superiority of modernism over our own ancestors, accused of being primitive and savage. At that point, nothing could be further from the truth. Ancestral communities received Europeans with open arms, but they were deceived, and their lands were taken along with their lives, wives and freedom.

Meanwhile, we still celebrate colonialism and call Europe the civilized world, since they control communications, the media, etc. The neo colonialists do not allow their abuse to be stopped. What future do they offer? “All of you just remain slaves of the system, minimum salaries, runaway inflation, manipulation of food and fuel prices…” They will hold meetings of the G8 claiming to fight poverty on the planet, and all those professors in the universities who wish to go on sabbatical in the United States or Europe and who want high salaries, will have to remain silent and hide all their knowledge. And when the their system of exploitation proposes international trade agreements, which kill the local economies, when markets are flooded by huge capital and when they issue patents prohibiting the preservation of local native seeds for the survival of our ancient traditions, the slavery persists.