Why has faith been ignored in western Psychology?

Psychology has ignored the element of faith in human thinking, feeling and willing. Why has this happened?

Originally, the presence of divinity in nature was universally accepted by ancient native peoples, and their cosmology was devoid of institutional imposition. Sun and Earth, spirits in the elements, the practice of prayers and offerings have been with humanity since its very beginning. What is not revealed to the naked eye is still a reality, and we can know about the higher dimensions when in our mind and heart a tendency towards that knowledge is awakened and a spirit of veneration produces in humans what we refer to as belief or faith. This is the beginning of a long study that occurs when we believe in something. Mundane trust and belief may be confused with concepts of a transcendental reality beyond matter. OIDA Therapy studies these formations of faith and the transformations they create.

In light of the frequent abuses of faith throughout human history, the subject was practically taboo for searchers of new ways to understand life. The religious dogmas created in the name of faith led to the  historic murders of the Holy Inquisition. On the other hand, the mechanistic thinking of the rationalists omitted words such as “soul”, “responsibility” and “reincarnation” from their vocabulary.  Going so far as calling natural sciences the study of consciousness, they led the way for early psychologists. The absence of true spirituality in the churches and the rejection of spiritual dimensions by the dialectic historians gave rise to the atheistic “dictatorship of the proletarians”.

Actually, a great deal of credit is owed to Victor Frankl, who brought the notion of the transcendental existence of God back into consideration. OIDA Therapy is very grateful to the different perspectives established by Victor Frankl.

Now, we can ask the question: What did God do so that human beings could comprehend a conception of Him? And the answer is: He gave us faith in his different manifestations and messages. He gave us the hope and freedom to embrace purification.