Become an OIDA Therapy World Peace Activist

Are you ready to become a World Peace Activist?

Ask yourself about what meaningful actions can you take (given your specific life circumstances) to make the biggest impact on peace in the world. Peace activism requieres looking inward. Fort he most part, being an activist is about finding peace from within and then sharing that peace with others through inspired action that is meaningful to you. This is the key for any progress, and then if we become more and more peace activists, peace will become more and more activated. Once you hold in your heart that you choose peace in your life, the world will follow.

Some powerful options to become a peace activist are to reduce meat consumption that will produce better relations, reduce the ecological footprint which will heal the environment we all live in and choose nonviolent means to resolve disputes that will create a safer world. Every time a person chooses to litigate problems with the help of a mediator, rather than solving it by her or his own means, then there would be more peace in that local situation. Every time violence can be avoided it is a step towards local and world peace, so see yourself as a peace activist and embrace the joy of peace that will allow you to be aware of the narrative encouraged by war profiteers that seek to propagate fear and perpetuate an existential threat.

The state of our inner self determines the outcome of our lifes. Realize your faith, believes and idealistic goals by contributing to peace activism. Peace activism does not conflict with any truly espiritual feeling or any other ideology that has the well being of others as its concern.

OIDA Therapy is here to inspire you to become engaged in peace activism and to transform the misconceptions which hinder people to fully embrace activism. OIDA Therapy is set of applications that are not restricted to any believe or ideology. It entirely depends on the individual’s conviction for its validity.

The OIDA Therapy peace proposal has been specially prepared for the difficulties that are met in our current world, due to a lack of communication in relationships. It also holds great value for individuals who want to progress and deepen their understanding of the faiths phenomena. We invite you to visit the OIDA Therapy webpage, where youcan find tools for self therapy, as well as connection to the different efforts that the OIDA Institute is making for helping people.

Let’s become an OIDA Therapy Peace Activist or become an OIDA Therapy peace mediator, for both of these accomplishments, Oida Therapy offers seminars in different parts around the world. The OIDA Therapy Mediator team is always looking forward to increasing people’s understanding among each other and discovering their true higher connection. There is also a Kids’ Therapy Psychology team offering OIDA theraphy guidance through the channel of the University of Ancient Wisdom.

For the OIDA Therapy Peace Activist:

  1. Relax, smile and do not take yourself too seriously.
  2. Do not think that your interests have more value than the needs of others.
  3. Understand that this world has provided enough resources for everyone’s needs.
  4. Understand that the one source who has generated your and other’s existence is favourably disposed towards all of us.
  5. Understand that if we can find a common ground of comprehension in regards to the originator of our existence and maintain an attitude of gratefulness, then it should be possible to mediate and find an appropriate solution to the situations that we face.
  6. As long as you put yourself in the center and see someone who is interfering with your interests as an opponent, you will feel that you should fight, and then, peace will be definitely out of sight.
  7. If you put the common interests of other people in a common center – those needs of others who are representing a different need than yours-, and you are able to see how both participants can harmonize around that common center of love and tolerance; then peace is definitely within sight, it would be just a question of applying wisdom to reality.