The World Peace Therapy is based on the scientific spirituality of the OIDA Therapy. OIDA Therapy is designed to contribute to world peace, considering the element of faith in human thinking; but as any system which involves harmonizing between clashing concepts and individuals, there is a need for mediators. These mediators can be saints, judges, peace makers or military personnel such as police. The police force is meant to establish equanimity in obeying the policy.  But it has been experienced that dictatorships of persons without values and the abuse of power by armed criminals, as well as the misuse of power by officially armed personnel, have discredited the authority of armed peacekeeping. This is an unfortunate event that has created a great need for a special therapy directed towards those who hold weapons to help keep peace in society. For this purpose, we have developed the Guardian Therapy or Police Armed Forces Therapy.

They are our main targets in this therapy which are based on the ideals of the  OIDA World Peace Therapy and uses the general OIDA Therapy Applications.

Those who learn from the Guardian Therapy and show mediator capacity are recommended to educate themselves as World Peace Therapy Mediators to expand the positive influence. World peace depends on family peace, community peace, and peace with the earth, water and air. It has to do with peace with our mind as well since an agitated mind, cannot create peace for others.

Principles to learn and apply in the Guardian Therapy:

  1. There is one original source for all people. There is one truth with many different perceptions of it.
  2. All people have the right and need to conceive the infinite and their duties in life. This must be respected and protected unless it causes avoidable harm to other beings.
  3. Elements that are crucial for a mediator’s performance and that are related with the science of conversation and the use of words should be consciously considered.
  4. Regardless of the status of one particular body, all beings are souls and have the same respective rights as the ones you wish to have.
  5. Regardless of the mistakes a person has made, the guardian’s attitude must be to help all beings. Certain fines and chastisements are considered “learning expenses” and must be delivered without hate and without forgetting that the world is one family and that the guardian’s’ duty is to make everyone happy.
  6. Diminishing unnecessary animal suffering is a favorable purpose to world peace, and personal peace of mind. It is a prime responsibility of each conscious human being. This is human evolution. Reduce your ecological footprint.
  7. Every person should be encouraged to become a guardian of Mother Nature as a personal contribution to world peace and conflict-solving.
  8. Responsibility is how you respond and what response you will produce. All people have to learn to act in such a way, that the reactions they produce are desirable for them and for others.
  9. Environmental consideration and concern for future generations is essential for a responsible citizen.
  10. Those who carry arms to protect others must consider the others like children under their protection.
  11. Those that carry arms shall never threaten or intimidate others unless there is a justified reason. They have to become friends of all.
  12. Those that protect the welfare of others should be fearless. They should believe that God is the final judge and life and death are both just in God’s hands.
  13. Authority comes with love and care. Abuse of authority indicates that the person has no authority.
  14. Submission to real authority is wisdom. Submission to falsehood turns you into a blind ignorant follower.


The principle of sacrifice for the welfare of others.

The principle of sense control to remain focused on the duty.

Traditional religious instructions for armed duties from different sources.

The power of discrimination.

The glory of free will and everyone’s limited right to it.

The gift of faith to embrace ideals

The candidate should write a Thesis about: The Obedient Revolutionary of the Truth.

Volunteering to learn:

Visiting hospitals and homes                                                                          30 hours

Visiting victims of crime to console them                                                    10 hours

Visiting abused women who have been abandoned                                   10 hours

Visit drug addict rehabilitation centers to study their

tendencies, produced by their weak minds                                                30 hours

Visit old people’s’ homes to learn from them about old age                  30 hours

Visit places of children without parents to understand their sufferings  30 hours

Recommended vows:

Not to take intoxicants

Not to abandon children

Not to create unnecessary suffering to animals

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The World Peace Therapy is based on the scientific spirituality of the OIDA Therapy. OIDA Therapy is designed to contribute to world peace, considering the element […]
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