Like the nocturnal flower which blooms with the refreshing moon´s rays, the heart also begins to bloom with the sweetness of purely naming Him in full as mother and father creator. This allows us, as His children, to awake into a life filled with eternal love for Him, the Personified Love.  When tasting this wonderful nectar, the life dives and emerges one and another time in the always increasing ocean of ecstatic jubilation. Thus, all the aspects that we can conceive in a human being are gratified, fully purified, and in the end, they are all conquered by the always auspicious influence of the Saintly Name of the Divinity.

There is a feminine and a masculine force existing behind everything. It becomes perceptible thanks to the sun, the earth, and the soul´s grace of loving and respecting his siblings here on earth. We are all in the same struggle, searching for the perfection within the mysticism of our own being and with the faculties provided to us by the Generator of the individuality of the existence, who invites us to embrace each other and conduct a life of maximum excellence to deserve the maximum destiny of beauty, after we have to leave this material body that currently allows us to serve the most elevated according to our possibilities.