cantar los nombres

To invoke spirituality and transcendence doing parliaments, offerings through sounds, divine names or other tributes in the most diverse languages; all these expressions are blessed from the original source of love because this source of love naturally includes all of His children without discriminating them. To invoke the female-male divinity, the divinity, the superior energy; all of this is part of the process called purification or approaching the transcendence as it is said by the great messenger of love, Caitanya, whose name also means pure conscience.

There are no strict rules for executing these invocations since we do not need to compete for rituals or traditions but rather unite ourselves in fighting for the sacred mother earth that today needs defense and conscience from every one of us because we are all affected by the care or the damage that we inflict upon the earth. So, lets invoke with all our heart, in all languages, in all conditions, this great love that allow us to grow and solve the problems created by our own ignorance or distancing from the perfect behavior.