loving service

It is incredible that surrendering and connecting with infinity does not only happen within this temporary stay on Earth; it is a transcendental dimension that goes wherever I go. It might be in a different birth in a different body, or it might be in the transcendental world. We are always dependent on The One who generated our existence and consciousness.
We are always committed to all our brothers and sisters who are our peers in this situation; trying to live healthily while remaining in these bodies; seeking to keep rivers clean; looking after the world’s climate; preventing lakes, air, and soil from being polluted with chemicals that later make people absolutely sick. That is our duty to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and to our consciousness and us. This is why, with such disposition the union of spirituality is embellished, and other instances, like wealth and material desires for pleasure, become very insignificant and they are considered a distraction.