Seventh Verse: You are the one who gives pleasure to my senses. When I feel your absence, a short instant becomes an eternity; tears flood my eyes like pouring rain, and when you are gone, I feel completely alone in this world.

The One who has supported our life, the One who has pleased us, the One who invites us to the eternal world, that Divine Mother who has held us into her loving arms, is very needed by us, and when we act separately from her or in a selfish way, the world’s misery, and everyone’s misery, increases. That is why from now on, I decree that my feelings will no longer be disturbed and that I may connect because I want no longer to tolerate this separation.
There is no more need for me to try to investigate by experiencing any illusions. I want the truth. I want to live with divine love and I want my existence to be favorable by helping others to discover this treasure in our existence.