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Misunderstood Freedom and a Simple Freedom Principle

In the 1960’s, the hippie movement started to promote the liberal use of mind-altering drugs, unrestricted sexual activity among unmarried people, and other forms of self-expression unknown to previous generations. Unfortunately, these behaviours led many people into crime, madness and suicide, and resulted in a great incidence of abandoned children and abortions. The motto “don’t worry just enjoy and be happy”, created great chaos. To become free of  this  attachment to unrestricted sense gratification, we promote moving towards higher levels of purity and consciousness, to treat life with respect rather than with avoidance or denial and to acknowledge that with freedom comes  responsibility for one’s actions.. Freedom comes from an internal and mental state of mind, grounded in reality; it is not a shallow “feel good now” phenomenon. If freedom is not built over time through practices such as operating consciously, self-responsibly and with integrity, it is not true freedom.

Elements which Transcend Personal Freedom

The fact that we depend upon Mother Nature to live.

The fact that we are born under certain mental and physical conditions.

The fact that universal cosmic laws act upon us without us comprehending how or by whom they are controlled.

The inability to know by our own capacity what is beyond our reach due to the imperfect nature of our senses.

The fact that that there is so much that we do not truly know unequivocally.

We are all inclined to cheat others, presenting information unknown to us or distorting what we know to be true.

Even though we avoid doing so, we inevitably commit mistakes.

We are very forgetful.

Our birth in a particular body only takes place because we are individual souls with a past, present and future.

We are constitutionally obliged to move and act to survive. In order to do so, we have to serve the demands of our senses, and of others we come across in life, such as family, society and friends. Approaching the Almighty Cause of all is also only possible with an intense eagerness to serve.

We are confined by the endless need to breathe, drink and eat in our material body.

 We can very easily fall ill, especially when we are in a state of anxiety, overheated or come in   contact with contaminants

Our body has a limited time span to accommodate the presence of our individual soul until our soul departs from it; death is inevitable.

We must communicate with others, whether by hearing and speaking or in any other way possible, including non verbal communication.

As individuals, we cannot eliminate the concern for our own well-being. We may try to destroy our own physical body or try to eliminate awareness of our own existence, by either wanting to cease to be conscious in any degree or by aspiring to shift into a universal consciousness, eliminating one’s individual existence.

Our lack of mercy from the Almighty, (this is the reason some pray for causeless grace.)

Elements in life which appear to be under the jurisdiction of our free will.

The opportunity to learn from our mistakes.

Our possibility to learn from others and their mistakes.

Our possibility to not upset others with avoidable verbal or physical aggression.

Our chance to pray to and beg for help from the Almighty and from those we trust to be capable of assisting us in our needs.

Our option to favor, sponsor, defend and practice justice on behalf of those who cannot speak or defend themselves.

Our option to carefully avoid littering or other  causing other deleterious damage to the environment.

Our option to become an activist to protect Mother Earth from irresponsible human behavior.

Our option to be generous to the less fortunate and those in need.

Our option to overcome our envy and be the well-wisher even of those who have what you do not have.

Our option to take care of our health and choose only to eat healthfully.

Our option to avoid all types of intoxication.

Our option to live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Our option to avoid participating in any form of gambling, where health, time or money is put at risk.

Our option to first try natural cures to heal our bodies before using allopathic pills and treatments, unless they are unavoidable.

Our option to prefer honest work even if it means a reduction in earnings.

Our option to make honest inquiry into the meaning of life and the expectation of the Almighty from ourselves.

Our option to educate ourselves to better serve society.

Our option to be a very loving and caring family member, colleague and citizen.

Option to avoid an angry mood or base language.

Our option to avoid lying.

Our option to abstain from television or movies, specifically violent and obscene programs.

Our option to only keep the company of exemplary people.

Our option to live a frugal, simple life, avoiding excess consumerism, junk food, idle gossip, etc.

Our option to participate in organic food growth and to promote consumption of organic products.

Our option to avoid listening to or reading mundane music and literature.

To carefully avoid discriminating against other religions, races, social classes, etc., but rather read uplifting examples of how to live in a society of difference and variety.

To work for the welfare of all.

To train our body and mind for higher performance.

To ask for forgiveness for our mistakes and pray for causeless mercy.

To be grateful for all the help we have received from others and the Almighty.

Who and What Restricts Our Freedom and Liberty

  1. Arbitrary authorities.
  2. Rules created to instill fear in people.
  3. Industries that secretly control and contaminate food .
  4. Governments who sell out to corporate interests at the cost of people’s well-being.
  5. Our ignorance of dangerous realities.
  6. Unchecked bad habits.
  7. Unnecessary exposure to and  association with bad habit forming environments.
  8. A system that encourages bad habits, gambling, intoxication, etc.
  9. A society without proper respect for women and the sacred reproductive organs.
  10. Watching television, movies and advertisements of nasty or sensual character.
  11. Competitions which create cheating mentalities.
  12. All the prejudice you acquired in your existence.
  13. When people lie to you and thus distort your vision and understanding of the true reality.
  14. Our lack of memory.
  15. Our lust which tells us that we are the rightful enjoyer of others.
  16. Our  anger which distorts our vision of proper conduct.
  17. The laws of material nature.
  18. Globalization in many forms.

When and How We May Unduly Restrict Other’s Freedom

  1. Giving arbitrary orders.
  2. Lies we speak to cause people to be afraid and submissive.
  3. By not guiding others under our care to eat healthfully.
  4. To have an educational system that gives false information to others and a governmental system that promotes ignorance.
  5. Not giving the proper information about dangerous realities.
  6. Giving bad examples to others, specifically to minors under our protection.
  7. Allowing or promoting bad habits in those under our care.
  8. Organizing or participating in gambling, risking money and health.
  9. Being permissive about illicit sex relations in our area of influence.
  10. Watching television, movies and other sources that infatuate us and others in sensual and nasty ways.
  11. Conducting competitions which favor the individual ego and inspire cheating.
  12. Teaching any kind of prejudice in our surroundings.
  13. To promote lying by our own bad example.
  14. To mistreat any woman or man in our surroundings.
  15. Making anyone unduly dependent on us or our desire to enjoy them or their resources.
  16. If we create rules for others that are not supported by truth and authority.
  17. If we do not allow our people to read truths (scriptures) from other sources.
  18. If we create sectarianism that makes people feel superior to others and/or justified to mistreat others.
  19. When we see that most people are unhappy with our management we should change.
  20. When people are fearful of us and are not allowed to speak their opinions, we are not their friend or well wisher.
  21. Promoting the pressures of globalization directly or indirectly.

The Simple Freedom Pledge

I pledge to be free from aggression and unnecessary violence against animals by preferring a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle as much as possible. I pledge to be free of intoxication that makes me a slave, diminishes my health, including stimulants with an addictive nature such as nicotine, caffeine, theine, etc. I pledge to be free from gambling my health, time and wealth. I pledge to be free from sexual activities which can cause suffering to others.

Additional Pledges recommended for increasing our personal freedom and awareness about the true benefit of our free will

  1. I pledge not to give arbitrary orders that ignore others’ rights to freedom.
  2. I pledge never to lie, to manipulate others or to scare them with the intention of manipulating them.
  3. I pledge to choose and provide the healthiest meals available to me and to those under my care.
  4. I pledge to deny my submission to those systems which I recognize to be unbeneficial and untruthful.
  5. I pledge to insist that proper information about ingredients and side effects about a given product on the market be given to all through labelling, etc.
  6. I also pledge to inform others within my reach about dangerous realities they may not know of or have been kept ignorant of through distorted information.
  7. I pledge not to promote unwanted habits by my example, business or silence about their dangers.
  8. I pledge to be an activist for all with what I understand to be beneficial for others.
  9. I pledge not to watch violent or sexual cinema, television, books, video games, Internet, YouTube, nor to allow minors under my care to degrade their minds by doing these types of things.
  10. I also pledge to guide people’s understanding with love toward a further comprehension of why violent and sensual tv programs or advertisements are harmful for them and the world.

Main Pledges

  1. I pledge not to create competitions where people lose happiness and compassion for each other and thereby become infatuated with the ego of  feelings of superiority.
  2. I pledge to defend the concept of universal love, to stop prejudice by understanding that we are all a connected family of Mother Nature’s sons and daughters.
  3. I pledge to protect sacred Mother, Sacred Reproduction, sacred values and ancient wisdom in any way possible for me.
  4. I pledge to respect all others’ rights to freedom and not to manipulate them with speculative promises to obtain their submission, ignoring their own needs and benefits.
  5. I pledge to behave with the opposite sex in such a way that they will have no complaints about me.
  6. I pledge to control my anger when I see it is causing suffering.
  7. I pledge to be open and appreciative towards all messages of love from all times, messengers and cultures and to impart this spirit to others.
  8. I pledge that all attempts of human beings to serve or to understand our divine origin are highly respectable because in the same way my own faith came to me. Their efforts shall inspire me to be more dedicated in my own spiritual practices.
  9. I pledge to try to act in such a way that people under my care are creative and happy with my service. If that is not the case, I pledge to find the reasons and change.
  10. I pledge to always listen to and reflect on the opinions of others, also those who I am looking after. Do not forget four eyes see more than two.
  11. I pledge to always attempt to protect those who are exploited and otherwise less privileged as if they are my own sisters and brothers.
  12. I pledge not to speak unverified facts about the lives of others, depriving them of their freedom for justice and their good name and image.

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