Items Peace Keepers should promote / Topics for Thesis Writing

Once you have completed any of the courses offered by the OWPT you are requested to write an essay (see specific requirements here) which puts forward your thesis and supporting ideas regarding one of the following statements or questions:

-Free drinking water must be available to everyone.
-Food should be available to all beings.
– Nature provides to all, since human beings interfere, then they must accept the commitment that no human being starves.
-Humans, nature, land, water and air must be protected from destructive poisons and carelessly discarded items of any kind, which will later turn into cancerous cause.
-Violence against animals should be reduced to situations where there is no way to avoid it. Even then, humans owe the animals an excuse and should understand that the act of violence will have repercussions for the world and for the person.
– Education must be based on values such as love, compassion, gratefulness, humility and tolerance. People should appreciate the traditions of faith that have supported such values by exemplary behaviors.
– Focusing on the real need of all beings, using modern discoveries should be enhanced by the treasures of ancient wisdom. It should be recognized that humanity has been blessed by the fact that we can hear from all the loving souls and deep thinkers.
-Equality also means to respect the other’s limitations and conditionings. Equality is the value of each soul. Equality is respect and appropirate attitude.
-Education on the basis of competition ignores people’s real values and produces depression in them.
-Seed must remain in the hands of the agriculturist and cannot be patented and/or privatized.
-People must be informed about what ingredients are in the food they buy and the medicines and pharmaceutical drugs they use and also about the possible side effects of those ingredients.

-How can the consciousness of universal love be practically and socially developed in search of truthful peace?
-How can people in this world gain strength to fulfill one’s life duties having inspiration in the statement that we should all be part of the solution?
-How can faith in the fact that life has meaning be used to uplift a person from the lack of motivation to make her/his best efforts?