You are not Ugly Course

you are not ugly course

Dearest all, Universal love and the OIDA World Peace Therapy, require that you love yourself. If you are not happy, how could you help others to be happy? If you think you are ugly, too fat, too thin, not smart enough, without charisma or fortune, how could you give your love and joy to the needy souls. But the reason to be unhappy about your body is that you look upon this body and life with the faulty vision of a projection imposed upon you. Who could be so ill-considered to wrongly influence people? It is the greedy consumer system obsession and the desires of those who benefit from it. They tell you things like:

White and blond is real beauty.

Poor black and brown or red fellows, most likely are thieves.

You are what you trim get thin.

You are the beauty of your teeth and not of what you speak.

Curly hair is not fair, we make it straight.

Too fat you are not sexy, better vomit your food.

Poor, no car, no needle stripe suit, you’ll get the boot.

Small is not on call. Neither too tall.

The role model has all, looks like wall street crooks.

Old is ugly, dress baby dolls sexy and lay the game.

If you are sad then you are bad.

Celebrate your senses ignore values and soul.

What is life’s goal? It is to get and enjoy as much as you can before you die.


Interview to Evaluate True Knowledge


The feeling of unhappiness with one’s physical appearance has to do with a lack of understanding about oneself and one’s essence. The next paragraphs are meant to take you through a process of self –reflection. You are requested to try the following interview that uses Socrates’ elenchus method, a cross examination or logical refutation. Please, answer the questions of the modern Socrates. Finalize your answer before reading the next question. It is best if you note your answers down.


Socrates:             Can I ask you a basic question? Who are you?

You:                     …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Socrates:             Alright. If I can prove that you do not know who you are, then you should accept your lack of self-knowledge, correct? Then, right now, please take your right index finger, point to the exact place of yourself and describe it in words.

You:                     …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Socrates:             Are you hesitating? Or referring to our whole body? Then, if your body loses its teeth or hair, or becomes old, are you not completely yourself anymore? Yes, you still are! Hence you are not the body itself, but you are situated in the body, correct? But where? Obviously, you are bound to your body, and move along with your body. Thus you identify with your body and think yourself to be male of female and having a certain age. But we have just found that you are not this body! You are in the body, but you don’t know exactly where!

You may have told me that you are a man or a woman of a certain age. But you are none of that. The terms male and female and age only refer to the external body, which we have just found to be different from the self. The sentence:  “I’m 21 years old” is an incorrect statement because that would mean that I was always 21 years old. “My present body is 21 years old” would be correct. The body changes with age, but the self remains the same. Some cannot agree with this logic and claim that the self undergoes changes. Yet this is not the case. If the self would change, mothers wouldn’t recognize their children after a period of separation and every year people would have to retake the driving test, not being the ‘old self’ anymore.

If you, even after all this evidence, still claim to be the material body in the belief that yourself changes, kindly consider the following facts: the cells of the body are constantly aging and dying and being replaced by new cells. The maximum  living span of most cells is seven years. In his book The Hanuman Brain, Prof. John Pfeiffer notes: “Your body does not contain a single one of the molecules that it contained seven years ago.” (Pfeiffer, 1961). Or let us consider the savings that you deposited in your bank account over seven years ago. According to materialism, you are not the same person who opened that bank account anymore. You can no more claim the money of the now ‘dead person’ who opened the account. At this point in the argument, anyone accepts to change their philosophy to save their money, because people usually hold money over philosophy. According to science, change of body is a continuous process. Reincarnation is not a myth- it is going on in our body at every moment, and with each breath and bite and action, we are fashioning a new body. There are many ways of explaining how the self is completely aloof from the material body and after understanding only a few of them, any person will be amazed about the fact that most people in the modern time believe in the opposite.

Now, do you understand that most of the people do not actually know the most fundamental things? So you have to chance to become humble and try what the Oracle of Delphi proposes:

Realize yourself!


Now, please answer these questions to reflect about your beliefs and conceptions.

1. There is no ugly flower? Do you agree?

2. Are all new born babies beautiful to the mother‘s eyes?

3. Either the baby’s body or the old person’s body is the person. Do you agree?

4. Heart to heart makes a real relationship. Do you agree?

5. Body to body can be a stupid thing? Do you agree?

6. Your beauty is that you are conscious. Do you agree?

7. Your beauty is that you can hear, think, speak, and give your love?

8. Your truthful beauty is that you emanate from the supreme soul. Do you agree?

9. Your beauty is that you are an eternal soul experiencing in this body going from baby to old?

10. Your beauty is that you are responsible for all our thoughts, words and actions? Do you agree?

11. Your beauty is that when your body dies you do not die? Do you agree?

12. Your beauty is that you were born to reap the results of your previous actions? Do you believe in this?

13. Your fortune is that you can follow your values and correct your mistaken attitudes? Do you agree?

14. Your strength is in your power for discrimination and decision making. Do you agree?

15. Those who want to reject another person, due to his body, are foolish? Do you agree?

16. Those who marry a person only because they want to enjoy a beautiful body are lusty fools? Do you agree?

17. To marry such a lusty fool is dangerous and foolish as well? Do you agree?

18. Who we meet in life is by the will of providence and who wants to marry is their apparent choice?

19. Those who say together are meant to get this situation? Do you agree?

20. If in every house people die there is no real reason to cry? Do you agree?

21. If suicide takes you to simply repeat the same story over and over again, it would be a waste of time? Do you agree?

22. If old age gives you a wrinkled body your beauty remains in your soul and your eyes? Do you agree?

23. If your hair starts falling out you will soon look like a monk? Do you agree?

24. If your lips are round or thin, instead of Botox, the holy words will make you win. Do you agree?

25. Silicon is no beauty solution, but it creates cancer and confusion. Do you agree?
26. Dresses, hair styles and jewelry cannot change your destiny. Do you agree?
27. Name, fame and glory are all the same old story. You are working like an ass for nothing more than grass. Do you agree?
28. Your beauty is your chance to feel love. Do you love your Mother?
29. Your beauty is your chance to feel love. Do you love Mother Earth?
30. Your beauty is your chance to feel love. Do you love all children?
31. Your beauty is your chance to feel love. Do you love your friends?
32. Your beauty is your chance to feel love. Do you love that you can feel love?
33. Love is our beauty, it is life itself, it works at every age and moment. Do you agree?
34. The value of life is our constitutional thinking, feeling and willing to love and serve. Do you agree?
35. Would you like to give real knowledge and love to all?
36. If you are happy after answering these questions you have passed the test. Do you agree?
Total Point Evaluation
10 yes Wow! Life is too hard, but then, we have to go on. Pray for help, it will come.
20 yes You are in big need for help. Do welfare, work all the time so you get new energy.
30 yes You still have some serious doubts. Take OIDA Therapy study about faith.
40 yes You made it. You got it. Everything about life is beautiful.

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