We are All One Family Course

We are all one Family

While our mind selfishly calculates and our intelligence coldly discriminates, it is our heart that opens the door to a higher dimension of consciousness. In this sense, family is a question of opening the heart. For instance, a child that is adopted from a different cultural, ethnic and racial background is given a place in the heart of its new family for its entire life. Animals can also be given a place in the heart; so why not the whole world? The “We Are All One Family” course will prepare you to understand your and others’ true nature and realize that all of us are eternal, and that we are living in a world of learning, governed by the laws of action and resulting reaction, or the principle of karma.

When love for the self expands or matures, it transforms into love for family, community, society, country, planet, universe, and finally into love for the sum-total of existence. By only loving one’s family, there will be conflicts with other families; by only loving one’s country, there will be conflicts with other countries, etc.

Thus, true love for the self, family, country, etc., must naturally lead to love for the sum-total existence, the supreme welfare activity.

As the saying goes “If you love me, you love my dog”; if one really loves someone, that love will be extended to his or her dear ones. Therefore, if we really love anyone, including ourselves, then we naturally arrive at the conclusion that we all belong to the same family.

In this sense, have you considered yourself as part of an extended family that shares the principle of love? The principle of love means having compassion for all entities, including animals and our Mother Earth: her mountains, rivers, trees and vegetation. So, when we positively affect our environment, this will make the world a better place, and in the same way, to hurt a person or animal without an unavoidable cause will result in our own suffering. The following reflections are meant to show you how close you are to that consciousness of universal love. Please, answer with yes, maybe or no.

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     1. Would you help a one year old child to keep on walking on the street?

  1. Would you share your meal if someone starving is in front of you?
  1. Would you allow water to be polluted by your neighbor if you knew that this water downstream is causing children’s deaths?
  1. Would you give breast milk to a child if you knew that the milk will give the child permanent allergies?
  1. Would you reduce your animal product consumption if you knew that our planet is undergoing irreversible damage from it
  1. Since all beings have a father and a mother, Do you accept that for every child his parents are as sacred as yours?
  1. We all share planet earth, the sun, the water, we all eat food to survive and breath the same air. Is it then reasonable to you to say that we are all brothers and sisters?
  1. We all have some influence over our existence which is beyond our control and knowledge. This common influence seems to be the topmost intelligent order. Such divine cosmic order can only be attributed to an intelligent creator. Do you agree?
  1. Do you agree that a person with a different physical appearance than you deserves the same justice that you deserve?
  1. Do you accept that a living spark called soul is giving life to our body and that upon its departure death occurs?
  1. Do you accept that all existence is over once the body dies?
  1.  Do you like the statement that other’s happiness is also my happiness and that other’s sadness is also my sadness?
  1. Do you like the concept that all people in the world should be happy, disease free and understand the truth?
  1. Do you disagree that one particular group of people can be enlightened whereas other group will not have the chance for the same?
  1. Would you take a loan to save somebody’s life?
  1. Is there someone existing above you who seems to be every person’s well wisher?
  1. Would you feel repentant if you had caused any unnecessary pain or death to an animal?
  1. Would you feel repentant if you had caused any unnecessary pain or death to an animal?
  1. Do you feel sad when you see another Amazon Forest’s hectare being cut or burned?
  1. Do you feel admiration for whoever caused food to be supplied to all species?
  1. Would you save money on unnecessary expenses if you could use it to please the creator or your existence by helping others?
  1. Everybody likes to be happy and no being likes to suffer. Do you agree that favoring everyone’s real interest is the best activity for all to advance? Do you agree?
  1. Everybody likes to be happy and no being likes to suffer. Do you agree that favoring everyone’s real interest is the best activity for all to advance? Do you agree?
  1.  Treat others the same way you want them to treat you. Don’t do unto others what you do not want others do unto you.
  2. Living is giving with love. Do you agree?


YES   40-50 You understand that we are all one family.
YES 30-40   You need more attention towards your extended spiritual family.
YES 20-30 You cannot be happy if others are not important for you.
YES 10-20 A friend in need is a friend indeed. How has your relationship with friends been and how have you manifested your feeling of compassion towards them?
YES 0-10 You are a danger to yourself. Seek help urgently.

Now that you have some idea about our larger family and your short comings, it is time to go back to the questions and meditate about why you answered maybe or no. That reflection should lead you to a meditation of heart.

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