The OIDA World Peace Leader Transparency Course


Corruption can be stopped and transparency of leaders can be attained. If we make efforts toward these goals, transparency can be achieved. Here are some practical examples of how they can be achieved. Transparency and World Peace are connected. We talk about peace but we are surrounded by corruption. The goals of the OIDA World Peace Leader Transparency Course, OWPLTC, are to achieve the following commitments by the leaders: All public funds must be monitored by a team of 10 young people between 16-18 years old, after they have taken the OWPLTC. This can be a process which allows them to mature in their lives. After learning the procedures during three months, they can monitor the specific department for 1 ½ years and report to a specific anti-corruption team which at the same time has to report to them about what they did regarding a particular discovery of mistaken behavior and fraudulent management of funds. All schools should train their students to become excellent monitors. Their service is without remuneration; it is a service to the welfare of society. They should also monitor all water sources to stop any contamination. Violence against animals is strictly reserved for emergencies and only when there is no alternative.  The person responsible should manifest respect by apologizing for taking  an animal’s life . Old mystical traditions both in India and North America tell us that the hunter says to the victim: “Whatever I do to you by killing you, you have the right, in your next life, to come and also do the same to me”. We have to mature individually and understand the significance of avoiding killing in our diet. To enjoy at the cost of  misery and suffering of people or animals will produce negative reactions according to the cosmic laws. Not to kill means to carefully avoid violence whenever or wherever possible. Violence against unborn babies is a true tragedy for humanity because it means losing a brother or a sister of ours. In order to avoid abortion, people’s awareness must  be raised about each individual’s spiritual identity . We recommend reading the OIDA Therapy Manual regarding this key issue.

In order to avoid corruption in the area of public health, natural healing experts should monitor the use of allopathic medicines and surgery in emergencies. The first step is to visit the naturopathic doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist, homeopath, etc. before an allopathic doctor is consulted, and in all cases emergency allopathic treatment must be reported to the naturopathic doctor. This will dramatically cut health costs and finally protect patients from drug poisoning and some other consequences of allopathic medicine.

Food management is another key aspect.  Calculating the true cost of food must be based on the cost of providing organic food for all. The price is irrelevant. Land and water as well as our bodies must remain chemical free to the largest degree. Whatever that may cost is the price tag of transparent food management for our children. Packaged food has to be carefully monitored so it does not contain white sugar, flour or other unhealthy ingredients or simply it must be banned from the market. Drugs and alcohol must be sold in special government clinics, where the patients are shown a video about the dangers of intoxication. The patient should be asked not to drive while in treatment. Medicine should be inexpensive and affordable to all so that illegal markets will have no benefits. Young monitors should learn about the destruction alcohol and drugs create. The justice system cannot allow any judge or supervisor to make important decisions without the approval of the majority of the 10 young bright monitors who come from different schools as monitor volunteers between 16-20 years old. It does not take an old man to understand what honesty is. Younger and idealistic people are the more loving and honest ones.

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