To understand the beauty and importance of Peace a millenary mankind process can be recommended. This refers to the practice of calming the mind and realizing one’s body as part and parcel of a cosmic peaceful responsibility.

It is for this reason that OIDAWorld Peace Therapy recommends that people searching to solve their conflicts and that want to comprehend the importance of peace, take on a practice of relaxing the body and mind through yoga. Yoga is a practice that brings together mental clarity, renewed energy and also a sense of serenity. Due to the strong mind-body connection of yoga many emotional benefits come as well with consistent practice. Catering to both our mental and emotional state is the Yogic practice of meditation. In that sense, research now shows that meditation is a powerful yoga tool as it yields a surprising number of health benefits. So yoga is not essential but it is a strong plus.

It is not philosophical or religious and it is a suitable practice that fully combines with all the diverse teachings of the OIDAWorld Peace Therapy Program.   

Its benefits have already been experienced in Mexico prisons and in United States it has clearly shown the will it gives to overcome a violent character or at least helping reduce it.

With the support of experienced teachers in the Inbound Yoga system, which belongs to the Oida Veda Therapies, such services can be obtained.
Inbound Yoga, as well as universal prayer are ways to control the mind as well as the body.  Basically, when the faith in some universal order arises in the individual, she or he becomes much more receptive to the idea that things must be resolved without violence.
This is part of the ancient wisdom which offers so much insight into the natural spirituality of every person. As a matter of fact, a life without any faith in invisible guidance for all beings, creates materialistic conclusions often resulting in violent and criminal mentalities. Since sectarian- believed systems have often been abused to generate aggression against others with a different believe, we are carefully dealing with this issue in the OIDAWorld Peace Therapy.
Nevertheless, universal prayer of love for all beings has been a healing experience for many.
Also Inbound Yoga practice and many other similar yoga exercises have been of nonsectarian nature, promoting only universal love.

Yoga and World Peace Therapy  in Action, watch here

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