Few Words of Peace

Peace starts with the conviction that we are all interconnected physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is a truth that should be ingrained in our beings so we can further comprehend that we are all eternal. In that sense, one should try to get along with each and everyone. This must be a matter of natural human development and interaction.  In this regards, OIDA World Peace Therapy offers tools that will make it happen since we all share the hope for union.

A world in peace means a world in union and this is produced by embracing universal love as the governing principle where nobody can be hurt, unless it is unavoidable. The key to this love is our inner vision and this vision can be expanded by means of a consciousness of action in all we do. OIDA World Peace Therapy shades light on the separating disturbances that interfere with our awareness process towards more integral beings and as a result a better and peaceful world.