Our Goal

The goal of the OIDA World Peace Therapy is to clearly define the items that the world needs to tackle in order to advance towards a truthful world peace.

Religion and idealistic views are supposed to be the advocates for the world’s enrichment. But at this point in human history, peace has simply become a fashionable word and not a practical issue. The OIDA World Peace Therapy comes into light shining with its OIDA Therapy system to establish balance and understanding about true peace. In order to achieve balance in the world, human beings should consider faith as a foundational element in their lives. Furthermore, human beings should consider that there is unity in diversity, meaning that even though there may be different faiths, we are all just one family. The nature of building up a particular faith and its importance requires us to appreciate how faith is formed in others as well. Seeing the deep connection between human beings and making a parallel with the faith of others, should be sufficient reason not to deny them their faith,  more so if that faith does not hurt anyone. Faith is a platform from which the world can achieve austerity and love, and a dedication to the welfare of others. It is at this point of understanding that we all should meet and from here on foresee the bright future that we all want to be a part of.