“Universal SOULdier”

By: Ena Love

Universal soul-diers
Peace has now declared a war
The mission for the spirit
The battle to the core
Charge and aim to conquer
Wounded hearts in our command
We fight the fight for freedom
Peace to every land
Our soul-diers inexhaustible
Our mission never dies
Sweet victory eternal
Becomes our battle cry
Claim peace in every battle
It is our driving force
Love drips from our arrows
While steady on the course
Our bootstraps locked and laced
To victory we march
With love for ammunition
Our bullets shape like hearts
Aim to hearts position
Love is triggered in the fight
The soul signals surrender
When peace comes into sight
Stand till all surrender
Heart formation everyone
Love commands the front lines
Until the battle’s won.
Peace shall rule in power
Someday we all shall see
Press onward loving soul-diers
Salute… to victory!