Pledge to Work for World Peace

I pledge to actively work for World Peace concerning the following statements:

  1. To promote the rights of the Nature Bill worldwide by signing it and by promoting it to others.
  2. To avoid violence and damage to mother earth, promote physical and mental health, recommend healthy organic food and avoid monoagriculture and factory farming and their products.
  3. To promote a healthy environment without chemical pollution of the soil and water.
  4. To promote world peace through guardianship of Mother Earth, as a conscious consumer who tries to reduce her/his carbon footprint.
  5. To promote musical and cultural events, which spread the seed of Mother Earth awareness.
  6. To become a world citizen who promotes world peace.
  7. To speak against injustice towards minorities.
  8. To protect the need for free clean drinking water worldwide.
  9. To represent world peace activism on every platform possible.
  10. To pray alone or with others for world peace.
  11. To study the world peace formula which the OIDA World Peace Therapy offers to everyone.
  12. To visit and promote organic gardens practicing permaculture.
  13. To donate help and resources to world peace projects which inspire you like Navdanva, El Pacto Mundial Consciente, OIDATerapia, UDSA, etc.
  14. To approach other people in your surroundings to promote OIDA World Peace Therapy.
  15. Start a branch of world peace and thus become an OIDA World Peace Therapy Cultural Ambassador. (Such a branch will promote all or some of the pledges made).
  16. To promote a diet as recommended by the United Nations that saves our environment by reducing meat and dairy consumption. Learn everything about it. Free courses are available online at University of Ancestral Wisdom, important information at OEI and United Nations Environment Programme, data about food and health.
  17. To promote volunteering to make others feel happy, such as visiting lonely old people, sick people, inmates, drug addicts, etc., to share enthusiasm and to learn about our human potentials to spread love.

Any OIDA World Peace Activist should do a minimum 8 hours of volunteering a month in places where she or he sees the greatest need and has the availability to visit. It is a contradiction to promote world peace and environmental care, while ignoring the terrible impact of meat industry and Amazon’s deforestation on our planet.