The Procedures


Dear members of the World Parliament of Religion,  members of URI, The United Religions Initiative, members of the Religious Peace Summit in South Korea and other individual,  group or interreligious group effort in search for solutions to our troubled world; whether your worry about peace comes from your religious feelings, from your compassion or your reasoning processes, it is really irrelevant when it comes to the need of finding solutions to stop wars, ecocides or other tortures inflicted by some humans to the rest of the world. We are experiencing a world divided by differences instead of a word united by the essential feeling that we all human beings share. The feeling that glues us together: love, the inner and real human tendency.

To help peace efforts and concerns, we offer the OIDA World Peace Therapy.  It is a certainty that religions and ideologies when using the scientific approach of the Perennial Psychology – OIDA Therapy, will be empowered  to create and work for truthful and fruitful peace, harmony and will.

Please, contact us if you have further questions. You are allowed to use our material quoting the source and we ask you to please, send us a copy of the use you are giving to it.


The first part of the process that OIDA Therapy proposes is the study of this OIDA World Peace Therapy Website. Then go ahead and study the OIDA Therapy –Perennial Psychology pdf document that you can find here. Next decision is to become and OIDA Therapy World Peace Activist. Once you are an OTWPA, you should pledge to sow the seeds of World Peace wherever you can. After you make the pledge and you do your volunteering, you will get a certificate of the University of Ancestral Wisdom. The pledge can be found here.



Once you have accomplished these previous steps, you are authorized as an OTWPA to:

-Give lectures about World Peace Therapy.

-Start a new OWPTA and thus become a cultural ambassador.

Every new activist or cultural ambassador is another sure step to reach a more peaceful world.  Ignoring the invitation to promote world peace through OIDA Therapy, will simply increase the amount of suffering in your surrounding and in your personal life as well. Let us share the joy of becoming part of the solution.

Rather than making a big organization, all participants of the OIDA World Peace Therapy should become individual lights to warm up the coldness created by materialism and selfishness. Let the hope of faith in universal love and our spiritual identity, help us to heal both individuals as well as communities.

FOR LEADERS: Armed Peace Keepers should take both, the We are all One Family Course and the Armed Guardian World Peace Keeper Course. All those who carry arms or manage public funds shall undergo these two courses. This course is available on demand for government related people from our OIDA World Peace Headquarters.