Adriana Peña Cruz

adriana Name Verena Hillmann Carrasco
Educational Background Psyschologist from Universidad Nacional of Colombia. She has received direct educative instruction from the creator of OIDA Therapy, Swami Paramadvaiti in India, Europe and Colombia. Therapist in Singing Tibetan Bowls and Therapist with instruction in India, Germany and Colombia
Affiliations Member-Founder of the OIDA Therapy Foundation (Bogotá, Colombia). OIDA Therapy International Coordinator.
Profile Dr. Peña has been an enthusiastic leader, offering her deep knowledge of human nature and her sense of equanimity and justice towards all beings. She is the editor of OIDA Therapy book and is currently coordinating the editing of the book Believe to Better Living, Creer para Vivir Mejor. Her outstanding dedication and detailed oriented nature give her a very important role in the cutting edge field of Perennial Psychology.