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Paramadvaiti-swamiSwami B.A Paramadvaiti

Swami B.A Paramadvaiti was born in Germany as Ulrich Harlan, son of a talented radio broadcaster and school educator, as well as a great musician, Pan Harlan. He was raised in rural West Germany growing up in the time after World War II. His father lost his Christian faith and became a material idealist who protected the environment. Young Ulrich went deep into questioning the paradox of  God loving believers who had condoned or participated in countless murders of natives, women, Romans, sick people, etc. Rejecting Christianity for him was rejecting his traditions, his home, his country and the Eurocentric form of thinking. He tried socialism, anarchism, hippyism, Buddhism and Hinduism.

In Hinduism, he found people who had never kept slaves, who have never imposed their religion on anyone and people who respected other races and beliefs. A new hope came to his life. In the Yoga of Love, he obtained the strength to ask for initiation. In 1972, he became a monk of Srila Prabhupada’s ashrams. After the departure of his Guru in 1977, he served in Latin America, establishing rural ashrams and a host of other projects. Observing the sufferings of the members of the movement under the new administration, he decided to work for the reform of disturbances. He studied Victor Frankl, Scott Peck, Bhaktivinod and discovered that “sectarianism is the worst enemy of truth”. From that moment on, he started to work for a united religious platform. In his own tradition, he co-started the WVA, World Vaisnava Association – Visva Vaisnava Raj Sabha of which he still serves as the General Secretary.

He went to the World Parliament of Religion in Cape Town and Barcelona and he was rather discouraged by the manipulation of the organizers in Barcelona. Voicing his objection earned him not to be invited to the Melbourne meeting in 2011.  He worked with URI and the Green Pilgrimage network. He also conducted unity campaigns in India for the holy rivers and holy places. In the Kumbha Mela, he brought the World Conscious Pact Ikwashendwna to India to join with the Ganga Action Parivar. Again both, narrow-mindedness and sectarianism qualities covered the door to concerted action for a solution.


logo6He co-founded the Braj Vrindavan Heritage Foundation to help Sri Yamuna and Sri Vrindavan to survive from neglect. He joined the eco city project of the Vrindavan municipality, which was later aborted by the government. He started the project Helping Hands, which helps clean the Yamuna and Ganga rivers in Vrindavan and  Mayapur villages




At the same time, Swami Paramadvaiti, which is his name as a Vaisnava monk, received the honor as priest of the indigenous Arhuaco and Kogi communities of Colombia. They awarded him the title Mamo Kuivi, for his service to the Guardians of Mother Nature Ikwashendwna. He worked closely with Dr. Vandana Siva  on Navdanya’s efforts to help our world.

He also sits on the Committee to define the rights of Mother Nature along with Mumta Ito and the Colombian leader Atiquigua for the european parliament.

He participated in the project Ama-Zonas, along with Dr.Vandana Siva, to bring attention to our dying world’s lung through his prayer songs.  He started eco yoga villages, yoga institutes and ashrams in many places around the world for his Vrinda family. Most importantly, he developed the Perennial Psychology – OIDA Therapy, which is meant to be the scientific basis of freedom, human rights and peace. Based on Victor Frankl’s conclusion about Logotherapy, OIDA Therapy was the first to study the importance of faith, its history, danger and healing power. As a peace crusader, he was invited to the World Religion Peace Summit in South Korea.


OIDA Therapy is recently available in English. He is lecturing in universities all over South America and is leading the gathering of Colombia’s native communities in Ikwashendwna and the Kiwa. He is now sending the signals of his discoveries to all other peace searchers around the world. Let us create the network of those who are ready to make sacrifices for World Peace. To achieve this, he presents a list of essential items. The individual understanding and willingness to embrace such sacrifices can be achieved by applying the OIDA Therapy tools.