The World Peace Therapy only favours such faith which teaches to its adepts, love and compassion for all. A person without compassion is like a leader without love for his dependants. Compassion is the ornament of a person that is grateful for all the gifts she or he has received.

To the Leaders:

Our gratefulness to our forefathers manifests in our intention and care so that our children and grandchildren will receive clean water and a healthy earth which can sustain them.

We may be leaders but we cannot provide for anyone.

Who provides for all shall not be ignored. This is the reason why the natural spirituality and the expressions of gratefulness shall be protected and promoted by the leaders without sectarianism or favoritism.

We have to be grateful to our ancient cultures and the teachings they provide even today, specially their wisdom in regards to the Holy Mother Earth and the life giving sun; ignoring their advice further leads us into trouble.

Do not claim that you are just, democratic, fair or loving towards others, when you do not give voice and vote to another person.

The ancestors deserve even more than that. They know about the many treasures we have lost in our materialistic approach to life. We have to become humble to carefully listen and to rescue the ancient wisdom.