The Team

Swami B.A Paramadvaiti, Ulrich Harlan

Author and Director

Swami B.A Paramadvaiti is a World Peace Activist leading many different creative projects to help humanity achieve inner and outer peace. He is a tireless thinker and a visionary, an endless writer in cutting edge issues pertaining to world peace such as Perennial Psychology which has become a concrete and down to earth proposal for world peace. He is the creator of OIDA World Peace Therapy and the topmost World Activist and Mediator.
World Peace is a world in union produced by embracing universal love as the governing principle, where nobody can be hurt, unless it is unavoidable.

Adriana Marcela Peña Cruz

OIDA Therapy Coordinator

Dr. Peña has been an enthusiastic leader, offering her deep knowledge of human nature and her sense of equanimity and justice towards all beings. She is the editor of OIDA Therapy book and is currently coordinating the editing of the book Believe to Better Living. Her outstanding dedication and detailed oriented nature give her a very important role in the cutting edge field of Perennial Psychology.
World Peace should be and enthusiastic effort coming from inner, truthful love towards all beings.

Verena Hillmann Carrasco

Virtual Course Coordinator

Dr. Hillmann has been offering her wide range of potentialities to the enrichment of OIDA Therapy Project. Her enthusiasm, dedication and sense of structure has given the project a systematic frame and a solid foundation upon which she continues to create strategies and tools for the benefit of world peace.
World Peace from OIDA Therapy perspective is a down to earth effort that encompasses concrete tools for inner development and outer enrichment.

Maria Teresa Beltran

Communications Coordinator

Dr. Beltrán manifests a profound appreciation for creative thinking and use of words as means to recreate the world. Her long time teaching profession has given her the eyes to see that in the simplicity of day to day life, verbal and non verbal communication becomes a powerful instrument for connecting to others. It is her multicultural perspective and pedagogical legacy, what she offers to world peace.
Peace: the synesthesia of letters surrounding a heart

Alejandro Williams

OIDAWorld Peace Therapy Ambassador in Mexico, enthusiastic Peace activist and mediator in the Directorate of Social Readaptation of the State of Mexico, through Oida Therapy, Yoga, Oida Therapy Meditation, Ayurvedic Nutrition, seminars and conferences; addressed to directors, prisoners, prison guards, technical personnel, teachers, psychologists, universities and treatment groups for addictions in Mexico.

Yerco Araya Urquiola

OIDAWorld Peace Therapy Ambassador in Chile, dedicated to promote Peace through Oida Therapy and Psychodrama with the gendarmeria of Chile in Arica and developing workshops to persons deprived of liberty and prisoners from the Oida Therapy standpoint including Yoga. He is also a professor in Saint Thomas University expanding the consciousness of self-knowledge to people around him.

Felipe Araya Jofré

OIDAWorld Peace Therapy Ambassador in Chile, dedicating his efforts to drug dependence treatment and who has developed diverse intervention projects in prisons, universities and educative institutions. He is a member of a team work that includes psychologists, therapists and the Antofagasta OIDATherapy research group along with whom he promotes innovative programs for the expansion of the OIDATheraphy tools.

Pablo Ernesto Coloma Villacís

Ambassador of OIDAWorld Peace Therapy in Ecuador. He is dedicated to promote a Culture of Peace through alternative methods for conflict solution such as mediation and conciliation, encouraging in this way respect for Human Rights and communication as a key tool for peaceful resolution of conflict and the reaching of agreement between people.


Estefania Corredor,  Charles Latchis, Sandra Juliana Pinilla León, Sergio Andres Puerta, Juliette Vargas