World Peace Solutions

Great Peace Solutions for Humanity suggested by OIDA World Peace Therapy.

With some big players behind us, we can do this!

All countries should agree to cut their military budgets by 10%. That would help finance houses for the homeless, provide free drinking water for all, offer free health care for the sick and provide education for those who have none.
If we can reduce the consumption of meat by only 50%, world hunger will no longer exist and our climate will be preserved for future generations.

If we learn to love others, regardless of their faith and ideology, acknowledging that we are all children of the same mother, we will be able to establish joint forums to expand the Peace Therapy.
Every non-essential luxury item in the world should be taxed 100% for addressing the most urgent needs of the planet and be administrated by UNESCO’s special Need Emergency Fund. Such an enormous source of revenue would practically fill every gap imaginable.
If wealthy and powerful corporations or individuals could somehow be held accountable and brought to justice for all the misery they inflict on others, just as in the case of convicted drug dealers who lose their possessions, such guilty parties would lose their right to do business and their bank accounts and real estate would be seized and handed over to UNESCO for social welfare projects.
Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

 All UNESCO’s Projects for wealth distribution to needy, should be managed by volunteers up to the age of thirty.